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WTS – Aegis Solo & Target Mini Mods | Vaping Underground Forums

*peeks in, sits pondering a while, may return … singing “Hey Soul Keeper, little sister …” …*

*returns having checked his “mad money” funds, sighs … ponders some more. Has debate with self, “don’t need” “but, but, but it’s Ms. Trixy” “Alright but you’re asking the Lady, …” “Hm, … Curse you! I was hoping to avoid that.” “Muhahaha!!!” “*sighs* Fine.” …**

PM outbound & then inbound. :)

*scurries to a safe corner, “And then we’ll has three precious, .. ah yes, three tube mods, oh so precious .. all mine!”*

Thank you, and yep, know I added a little. Not concerned. I do w/ friends here at VU just how I do. Not gonna miss a few bucks extra here and there.

Side note: I’m making on average $800 every two weeks employed now. Ultimately though it works out to around $23K a year. I enjoy trying different mods, RDAs. At the same time I look for frugal deals on quality gear.

Within the past year yes I’ve probably spent 4-500$ on mods. Before that I might have spent around $200 for mods over 5 years. I’m working so can afford a little indulgence for self. The rest of my money goes to other bills, savings.

Yes, vaping is about the only real hobby I have. Eventually, I might get into guns and shooting for target, varmints, food, defense. Likely I’ll remain modest in my spending on guns as well. Do I really need the mod I bought? No not really. But it like another tube I have put up are nice mods that will last. They’re nice.

Sometimes a person needs nice things to remain disciplined. I just sat here for about a half hour vaping a Keen tube mod, it is now put back up. I cleaned it before putting it up. Oils from fingers on stainless steel aren’t nice. So yes, might seem I’m being undisciplined in buying stuff. There’s method behind it though.

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