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Why do disposable e-cigarettes often leak oil? | Vaping Underground Forums

I feel like I’m drinking oil, not smoking

This again is another answers itself question/complaint. These devices as you state are disposable. This means they are not created to last, or be very good quality wise.

If you keep having issues using disposables, pardon me but grow a set, and buy a good moderate costing full mod kit. If you don’t want to do that then keep your complaints to yourself. You’re the only one to blame or be of account, you keep using shit.

No, I don’t apologize if that reads as harsh. It was intended to be a bit. There is no excuse to keep complaining when you keep repeating the same mistakes in the same way. Nobody here wants to offer help to someone who will not help themselves first.

We have explained the fact that disposables are crap several times. We have suggested buying better and more durable gear, again several times. You keep complaining about disposables. Fuck! Disposable, it means you throw it away after one use, over, done.

Want to keep being stupid? Go right on, be aware you’ll get called on it. Even I’m called on being stupid. Likely I’ll face the music over posting this, if not from moderators and others here, by myself.

Oh, and to clarify, … Yes I do know women that got balls. I even know some women that got more balls than most men. I mean this obviously in a figurative sense. The point remains I know some damn courageous women. I do not see suggesting you grow a set as being too far out of line. In fact, if anything, it begs the question … what’s your excuse?


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