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Which vape device is the best for beginners? Should I begin with pens or use pod mod? | Vaping Underground Forums

hi harry, i am not stressing over control, i just like to have as many options as i can, different atomisers, control of temp or wattage, the ability to carry a spare battery around, something small not a item that looks like a cosh. I like not smelling like an ashtrat, no holes in my clother from burnt ash, no stink in my house or car. the true cost of smoking. over here in australia it costs $32 fot 30 cigs! so over a buck a fag. i can make 30ml of my taste ffor $2-50
taste wise to reduce sugar i play with ingreadients to ensure as few as possible, using pg annd vg in different ways and not exceeding 8% flavour in mu recipe and no sweetner. i use dragon fruit and watermelon quite a bit, you cant do without sugar but you can reduce it. i find the diy (do or die) site good for recipes.


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