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What’s under your lip/in your nose right now? – Part 2

Original thread :
What’s under your lip/in your nose right now?

Copy of first post of original thread by olderthandirt December 16, 2009 :

More folks are finding out about the use of smokeless tobacco products as a means to augment vaping in the quest to either stop smoking or remain smoke free.

Tropical Bob has been the voice around here when it comes to trying alternate methods of remaining smoke free so as always…

Thanks T Bob!

Whole idea behind this thread is to simply cite the snus or chew or snuff you are using at the time you post.

IMHO the benefit of a thread like this to those new to smokeless as well as those who’ve been at it for awhile is that it provides a way to get a quick scan of actual manufacturer names and brands to consider trying.

Simple post or elaborate, let’s see what happens! I’ll start it off…


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