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What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

This is a little different from the (I think) much more difficult “pick your favorite song”

this one just asks you to either post a video of or lyrics or say the name of what song you are listening to (and if you can, who its by), let us know what you’re listening to right now (and any other information you’d like to share, if there is a ‘why’ its the song you are listening to or anything as well), or even songs that you are just thinking this minute are allowed

I’ll start:
Inspired first by direct one-liner I thought when I received a PM about something I’ve done, which was exactly me admitting to myself that “I knew better”

(and one-liner thoughts are always a good ‘excuse’ to listen to and look at ‘my boys’ heehee):

YouTube – The Beatles – I Should Have Known Better

(This also gives me an idea for another thread…)


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