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What is the Legal Age to Vape in the UK?

Teens in America are now “Juuling”- their words, not ours. Honestly, thinking back to when we were teens, we’d do anything as long as it was cool. Vaping gets interesting here. When Hon Lik invented the e-cig in 2003 after having witnessed his father die from smoke-related cancer, he certainly didn’t plan the next “in” thing. Hon was literally about designing a tobacco, tar and carbon monoxide-free alternative to smoking that would save lives.

Then we got dope flavours like custard shortbread biscuit and Dinner Lady’s multi-award winning Lemon Tart. We got tricksters like @_justpeachyy. Vaping got cool.

At Vape Superstore, we’re all about getting smokers to make the switch. What we aren’t about, is getting under 18s hooked. We never sell to under 18s, either in-store or online. Our e-liquids are all TPD-compliant. They undergo rigorous, independent inspection and we only deal with manufacturers using pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Much like the top-of-the-range hardware brands for our mods and batteries, nothing under our roof is done by half.

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