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What Is The Difference between 50/50 and Nic Salts?

Whenever you’re using 50:50s or nic salts, you’ll be wanting to use a pod kit or a vape pen that normally utilises a plus Ohm coil (1.0ohm or higher). The reason is, the lower your resistance the more power and vapour you get through. If you used either 50:50s or nic salts in a Sub Ohm device (less than 1.0ohm), you’d get an overwhelmingly strong nicotine hit and a very scratchy throat hit.

When it comes to your own mouth to lung kit, you’ll usually have a few coil options. Given that nic salts absorb so quickly into your system, if you’re using a 20mg nic salt for example, we’d recommend using the higher resistance coils. Anything between 1.2ohm to 1.8ohm is great, they’ll give you a smooth hit, the right amount of nicotine and won’t be too potent to enjoy. Those coils also offer the most comparable inhale to conventional cigarettes, meaning they’ll emulate the tight draw you’re used to.

If you’re using a more moderate nic salt strength like a 10mg or the higher strength freebase 50:50s, the best coils for you are around 1.0ohm – 1.2ohms. They’ll give you a little more vapour but won’t be so hot and powerful that you get too much of a nicotine headrush.

Finally, if you’re on a light nicotine 50:50 strength like a 3mg or 6mg, you can use anything between 0.5ohm to 1.0ohm. The 0.5ohm will give you more vapour and a looser inhale while the 1.0ohm is that just right balance of a tighter inhale while still giving you a decent amount of vapour.

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