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just got my first order from ohms vapes.


From left to right: strawberry shortcake, koko karma, captain crunch, frosted donuts, blue moo, big d’s blueberry custard, fruity c’s, big d’s vanilla custard.
Still going through initial tests some taste real good and will get only a little aging while others have kind of an inbalance taste so those obviously i will let sit for 2 or 3 weeks.
What i can say is all real smooth and produce real nice big clouds. I got all max vg 3mg nic and i can tell its not as thick as itc vapes which is almost syrupy, yet clouds are either the same or larger.
Def feel good about this buy for 26 bucks real competitive prices i sometimes pay 20 bucks for 30 mls of top shelf juice but this stuff is right up there. Ill let you guys know how these juices evolve.


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