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What epoxy/sealant is safe to be used on equipment that will be in contact with e-liquid

You are seriously trying to be helpful and I do appreciate that.

“Finding a source” chapter is closed. They don’t have it.

These are thiny hairline cracks and they develop almost after a year of use. I just need to seal them.

I use TC with Kanger SS316 coils. Again, I tried many other to ditch kanger, nothing tastes as good. I do not want to keep experimenting ad nauseum. I have maybe 12 mods here with me, and threw as many away…

Asmodus Tribeaut
Asmodus Minikin V2
Innokin Kroma-Z
Vaporesso Gen S
Vaporesso LUXE II
Vaporesso LUXE II Nano
Geekvape Aegis

No go. Let’s focus on what I need, which is a food/liquid safe sealant. Surely there must be something they use in repairing water tanks or attaching the bottoms of canned food.


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