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What did you do today that is vape related? | Vaping Underground Forums

Awesome thank you :)

I think I’ll need to up my %ages a bit on this one. (Been reading up a bit more of how PG carries more flavour) as I’m so heavy on VP to mimimal PG (although i appreciate the flavours are PG based)
Might try adding some FA Polar to ‘cool’ the vape harshness without minting the flavour at all, sounds an interesting add…

Will be interesting to see how a week or so steeping helps though…

Other two i have made so far, from my own recipe, are awesome right from producing
“Iced Cherry”-black cherry 6.5%,fresh cream 2%,xtra mint 1.5%
“Hypnotic Breeze”-hypnotic mist 6%,xtra mint 2%
All FA flavours. All 90%VG.

Am LOVING diy juice production already…!
Can see this becoming quite an addiction, ha!

Coil builds next… :)

Thanks again for your help.

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