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>>>Welcome to SGVapers, Newbies Introduce Yourself here!

Welcome to SG Vapers! This is the place for you to introduce yourself and get acquainted with members who are already here.

Before you start to post, do get familiarized with our in-house rules and common FAQ here :
Helpful Guidelines for Local Vapers, Newbie to Veteran | E-Cigarette Forum
Newbies Q&A Thread. [PLEASE READ] | E-Cigarette Forum

Next, do get your account verified :
How To Become A Verified Member | E-Cigarette Forum
Getting verified will put a real personal ID behind your nickname that is not shared and is only visible to a few select ECF Staff.

Other members can trust you more. It also ensures you are not an underage member. Members below 18years are not welcome here.

Important points to note :
* Strictly no sourcing of supplies here (directly or indirectly). All such post will be deleted.
* PM solicitation for sales are not allowed in ECF. If you receive such cold-calling PM from suppliers who try to sell you stuff, do use the Report feature on the bottom of the post.
* Beware of unregistered suppliers. They are not authorized to conduct any business in ECF and you risk falling prey to scams.
* Our location shall not be stated explicitly, pls use ‘local’ or ‘here’.

Intro yourself a little. Tell us how you get to know about vaping and how it improves the quality of your life. If you haven’t even started yet, this is a chance for you to find out more before taking the leap.

May the journey into the vaping world be a rewarding one for you!


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