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I posted this elsewhere, but am posting the update here, since the other kitteh thread disappeared.

Kitteh update:

I spoke with the vet yesterday. He’s pretty confident that we’re not dealing with a middle ear infection, nor vestibular disease at this time. Those would’ve both had time to have improved by now. Kitty has been affected neurologically at this point. Without an MRI, which I can’t afford, he’s not able to say with 100% certainty that it’s a brain tumor, but he’s leaning toward that, or something along the lines that something has affected Bosco’s brain. He is not in pain, that he’s made me aware of, he eats, drinks, bathes, and to the best of his ability uses his litter (I’ve had to make accommodations that suit him, successfully). He no longer falls all day long, but he’s slow, off balance, can no longer jump up next to me, but he loves being held, he purrs like a baby and is very active still. Doc says his life right now is a satisfactory life and that he simply wants an update at the end of the month. He’s being a real trooper through all this. I love my baby boy to pieces. And I’m also trying to remain practical. So… send him good thoughts.

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