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WARNING: Vaping Prohibition About to Become Law !

Here is how ‘the rabbit hole’ {or have they now turned it into a rat hole?} is going to play out:

While nicotine is still relatively cheap and due to become very expensive, some enterprising people will begin to hoard, and not just for personal consumption, much nicotine – many gallons I would think.

And then when the draconian tax drives a quart bottle of say 100mg base to almost $3000.00
[now still averaging about what $100?} – They will begin to sell their hundred dollar bottle for
what, maybe a thousand dollars {or more}.

And then government in its all too sickening wisdom will say we must stop this
– And then declare nicotine a controlled substance [like narcotic drugs.]
And possession of nicotine without special government license will be a felony.

I read that this did not happen during alcohol Prohibition of a hundred years age – possession remained legal.

But they did this with the ‘war on drugs’ and you can bet the same control freak {or rat} mentality is
possibly an incurable disease – It always finds some excuse to flair up. ‘Control freakism’ is a much more
serious disease than any addiction – It is more like a cancer of the soul and in the long run kills many
more than any addiction !


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