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Voltage drop on Requiem BF Kit

Welcome, mi suegra es valenciana, her Paella is worldclass!

IMO, It is an inefficiency of THAT device. Some mechs are just more efficient than others.

I have been a mech squonker since my first REO in 2012.
I currently use a Hugo squeezer and once adjusted (battery contacts and adjust the button throw) it hits as expected with a .4Ω-.5Ω single coil.
The squeezer needed some massaging to perform it’s best. Perhaps the Requiem needs some attention also.

On the Requiem BF, I would check:
Battery and internal contacts are clean and make solid connections.
Tighten the RDA in the 510 and snug up the adjustable center pin.
Confirm that the coil screws are tight and the coil glows evenly.
Clean the button/510 contact and confirm that it fires with no arc/spark.



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