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Veteran getting back into vaping…need advice

Hey all. It’s been a while. I quit vaping and smoking altogether some time ago, but I slipped back into smoking cigarettes, so I am returning to vaping. Unfortunately, I got rid of all of my old equipment, and between the new devices available and the new laws, the entire landscape of vaping has completely changed since I last saw. I feel like a total newbie.

Right now, I am using Njoy and Vuse devices from the gas station to get me started, but I was looking into maybe upgrading. My previous setup was an eLeaf iStick 30W with a Kanger EVOD tank. I built my own coils with Kanthal and Cotton Bacon at 1.6 ohms, and I would vape that at 8.0 watts. I was a tootle puffer, for sure. I mixed my own juice, and I got plenty of flavor and plentiful clouds.

Mixing juice these days has its own challenges, but I think I have that figured out as far as finding nicotine base. The issue is with the hardware. I could go to my old setup, but finding the devices and tanks are a bit difficult, so if anyone knows where to get it, let me know. Some places refuse to even ship to me. What’s that about?

For now, I will be jailbreaking the Njoy and Vuse pods and refilling them. Are there better alternatives? I’d prefer not to rebuild coils for the time being, so what is a good system that has affordable replacement coils/pods that will be readily available for the near future? I will be carrying the device in my pocket, so smaller is preferred, and I would like an on/off feature.

Thanks in advance!


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