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Vaping Taxes in the United States and Around the World | Vaping Underground Forums

Granted, I have enough Nic on hand to last until I’m 90, but I’d guess the majority of vapers, and certainly future potential vapers, do not

Yah, that’s the thing. Many of us posting here have hoarded since the day government began to try and limit adult access to vape products, but there are smokers yet to be freed from the demon tobacco, including teen smokers.

When I took the CASAA action, slacktivism at best when you click and mouth off, I told my senator, who is a proven stooge of multinational corporations, that I was sick of having my taxes used against me, that this is just another sign that our government is “them up there vs. us down here”, that our government hates the people, and of course I urged him to vote against the taxes. I hardly ever use the canned verbage in calls to action, other than referencing the bill number, because I know the politicians will just ignore it. I did mention that vaping is the only widely successful smoking cessation method ever known, and that it has kept me 100 percent off cigarettes for nearly ten years.

The action needs to be forwarded to the vape sellers we favor. Many of them are clueless. We should also forward to friends and family who might want to help us, the ones who scolded us when we smoked, the ones who congratulated us and shared our joy when we quit tobacco by vaping.

By now I really don’t know whether or not it’s big tobacco. Those companies could all have jumped on the vape wagon a long time ago if they’d wanted the market share. Some of them have. It could just be the nannies and the ANTZ, and it could be big pharma striking again, since they have the smoking cessation products that don’t work.


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