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vaping, is it as bad as regular cigarettes or not as bad? | Vaping Underground Forums

Hello guys,,
I’m considering taking up vaping because my bank account is too full /s
I’ve heard conflicting reports about vaping saying it is or isn’t the same as regular cigarettes. Any insight would be appreciated.

My own personal experience is all I can share with you. After smoking for 42 years, I quit smoking and started vaping. Next month will be two years. With smoking I got to the point that I absolutely despised it, and it was hurting my health to the point I was terrified. I started with a Juul, and within 3 days, I knew I would never smoke again. After about a month of researching where else the vaping world could take me, I got a couple of mods and tanks. I started off with low wattage tanks, using 50mg salt nic. After about a month of that, I reduced the nic to 24mg. About a month and a half of that, I switched from salt nic to regular base nic e-liquid at 6mg. All along the way, I started collecting different mods, tanks, and AIO’s(all in ones). I used the the 6mg nic for about two months, and then reduced it to 3mg, which is where I’m at now. My goal is to get to 0mg by the end of the year, but keep vaping because I enjoy the hell out of it. I also love the vaping community. I have never experienced a community like it, and I have made a ton of friends. People love to help you, not only to help keep you off the death sticks, but how to spend your money on vaping wisely. Ok, just help you spend your money. :teehee:

Today, I have my breath back, my sense of smell back, and my taste back. I also run 3 miles a day now, and haven’t felt this healthy since I can remember. I agree and appreciate all the above input from the great members that have shared with you. My recommendation to you, is if you are smoking, drop it immediately,, and pick up vaping. You will not be sorry. :)

I forgot to mention that I tried patches, pills, and gum….none of which worked for me. Attaching a picture of my current collection after almost two years. I need to update it, but there are only a few things missing, and some of what I’ve had, I have passed on to others to help them quit the death sticks.

Collection as of May 31, 2020

Desk Collection.jpg
Desk Collection 5-31-2020b.jpg

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