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Vape Superstars: Jack Rabbit E-liquids

Hi, I’m Josh Douglas, Co-founder and Managing Director of Jack Rabbit Vapes and Dispergo Vaping.

Toran and myself were born and raised in a quiet little town just outside of Oxford called Witney. We grew up together and are pretty much brothers. After school was finished we moved on in to different professions, I became an electrical design engineer and Toran became a barber! Both heavy smokers, towards the end of 2014 we both decided to start vaping.

JRV was founded in 2015, by Toran and myself with the ambition of making unique and complex flavours. Each Flavour we have created we have designed with a layered approach to highlight certain notes during the inhale and exhale.

JRV began as a very small project, primarily producing liquids for friends and family members as a weekend hobby. We wanted to ensure every ingredient in the products was carefully selected and of the absolute highest quality to offer a true reflection of the replicated flavour. After receiving awesome feedback, we decided it was time to share our products with the world.

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