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Vape related mortality | Vaping Underground Forums

Vaping is a gateway to smoking, don’t you know.

It also leads to H addiction. So, “they say”.

Plus, vapers ‘could’ inhale toxic metals, because it says so in little tv ads.

Yep, or you could try crossing the street and get hit by a bus too. I figure without looking up all the odds & research that such is about even. Yes it does and might happen but usually with a bit of common sense is so mitigated to be minuscule a chance of risk.

Besides, the devices & coils & everything contain nicotine, like it says in the government mandated warnings on them.

Uh huh and we sure ought to trust a government that covered up a secert service agent accidentally killing J.F.K. for over 50 years. Trust the same government that in the 1920s promoted and aggressively encouraged force sterilization of the undesirables as a means of family planning. This same eugenics policy was nearly identical to what one Adolph Hitler later used as part of his Final Solution campaign. Yeah, of course we ought to trust our government. Point of fact we ought to trust every human, all of them capable of being corrupted, mistaken, lacking.

We can’t start letting reality keep us from banning stuff, for cryin’ out loud.

Oh sure we can. Here’s how. We quickly sneak in and replace everyone’s agreed on reality with our own artificial one we created. Ta da! No one will ever be wiser. All we need to do is uh, lie, gee golly what we’re good at anyway.

Excuse me now but I have to drive my grandchild to the new marijuana dispensary.

Damn it, now I’m maybe feeling that thing called jealous. I could stand to enjoy a healthy bowl, or few of that myself. Life has just been so damn, blah, “fuck you asshole” lately.

By the by, in case you missed it welcome my version of Sarcastic Bizaaro World. It’s a place where shit that makes no sense at all, actually winds up making sense. Not sure how it does that yet, but um, … well, it just keeps on going.

And no, vaping has fuck all to do with me enjoying the relaxation found by using marijuana. I used it long before I vaped. Currently I do not use it. Not that I couldn’t barring certain apparent laws, which are being peeled away state by state. Would I still vape if I could use? Yes. Would I use if I didn’t vape? Yes. So no, vaping has not one damn thing to do with it.

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