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Vandy vape Kylin M Pro Rta Review | Vaping Underground Forums

I received kylin m pro rta from Vandy vape for the purpose of this review.

Vandy vape kylin m pro rta colors:

– Rainbow
– Ss
– Gun metal
– Gold
– Matte black
– Frosted grey



Length: 33.35mm
Diameter: 24.2mm
Capacity: 6ml/8ml

In the box:

1* Kylin M Pro RTA
2* Vape Cotton Laces
1* Accessory Bag
1* Pyrex Glass Tube
1* Instruction Manual
2* A1 M Coils 0.2ohm
2* A1 M Coils 0.15ohm


Kylin m pro is new mesh rta from vandy vape and this atomizer comes in really nice package where you will receive coils, 2 tanks, cotton and tool for the coil. Build quality of the atomizer is really good, nothing to complain about as expected from vandy vape. Atomizer is 24.2mm in diameter on the base and height of the atomizer is 33mm.


Atomizer comes with 810 drip tip and you can use here any other 810 drip tip if you want. With this atomizer you will receive 510 drip tip adapter so you can use here 510 drip tips if you want.
This is a top fill atomizer and you can pretty easy take off the top cap, you need quarter turn and then you can take it off which is good. When you take off the top cap you can see two holes for eliquid and you can fill this atomizer with any bottle which is really nice.

This is a top airflow atomizer which many people like. The airflow control ring is under the top cap and you can easily adjust the airflow here. On the airflow control ring you can see two airflow slots and what you adjust on one side it will be the same on the other side.



Atomizer comes with two tanks, with this atomizer you will receive regural tank and you will receive bubble tank. With regular tank capacity of the atomizer is 6ml which is really good capacity in my opinion but with bubble tank capacity is 8ml which is great capacity and I belive mmany people will like the capacity here.

Chamber has really nice conical hape which improves the flavor, when you look at the chamber from the inside you can see how airflow wokrs on this atomizer.
On the base you can see two screws for clamps that holds the coil. In the package with this atomizer you will receive 4 mesh coils which is really good, but also you will receive cotton. Building on the atomizer is simple because you will receive coil tool to bend the coil and all you need to do after is to place it. Wicking is also pretty simple especially if you used mesh rta before. You need to cut cotton at angle and place it inside. On the picture you can see how I wickied the atomizer.







My thoughts:

Let me start with the package, it is really good because you will receive coils, cotton, tool and 510 drip tip adapter. On this atomizer you can use your 810 or 510 drip tips without any problems which is really good. You can fill the tank fast and without problems using any bottle. Capacity is good with regular and with buble tank, with bubble tank you have 8ml capacity which is great. You can easy adjust the airflow and we have top airflow here which many will like. Building and wicking is pretty simple and if you ever used any mesh rta you will have no problems with this one. This atomizer performs really well, flavor is very good and you can expect good vapor production, personally I have nothing to complain about this atomizer, it is really well made and it performs great, so if you like mesh rta’s you can get this one.


– I can’t complain about anything here


– Good build quality
– Cotton and coils in the package
– 6ml and 8ml capacity
– Easy to fill
– Easy to adjust the airflow
– Flavor is very good and there is a lot of vapor
– Wicking is good
– Top airflow

Thanks Vandy vape
You can check this atomizer here: Vandy vape m pro rta

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