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Vandy Vape Jackaroo Mini Kit – Review by Javichu

Hello fellow vapers.

Time to take a look at the Vandy Vape Jackaroo Mini 128W Kit which was sent to me by my friends over at Sourcemore for the purposes of the review.
I am a big fan of the Jackaroo model from Vandy Vape,used the Vandy Vape Jackaroo (single none built in battey) for a long time.
Unfortunately i dropped it while i was changing the battery so the battery cap wasn’t on and it fell just at the exact angle that it deformed the battery entry point.
Soo…i had to retire it and put it back in the box.
But i gotta say that was one tough mod,loved the weight and the grippy rubbery feel it had.

Ok enough of my old Jackaroo,time to take a look at the new kit,first of all some nice images with all the info about said kit.













1. Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof
2. 4000mAh cell equal to dual 18650 batteries
3. Ergonomic and small for comfortable holding
4. Powered by an upgraded Vandy Chip with max power 128W
5. Power/Bypass/Voltage/TC-NI/TC-SS/TC-TI mode
6. Adopts 0.15ohm triple meshed coil
7. Compatible with VVC Coils
8. Easy coil replacement, top filling design
9. Safety protections: Short Circuit/Open Circuit/Over-heating/10S Cut-off/Low Battery Warning/Overcurrent Protection

Jackaroo Mini Button Combinations:
Turn the Jackaroo Mini On or Off: Press the fire button 5 times.
Change Modes: Press the fire button 3 times and then use the adjustment buttons to select your mode. Press the fire button to confirm your mode.
Adjust settings in your current mode (such as wattage in TC mode): Press the fire button 4 times.
Enter the Menu: Hold the up and down adjustment buttons.
Lock the mod: Hold the + adjustment button and fire button together.
Flip the Screen: Hold the – adjustment button and fire button together.
Stealth Mode: Hold both adjustment buttons and the fire button together


I am a sucker for the single battery Jackaroo,used it as my main vaping device for a long time so i was eager to unbox this beauty.

As of late and due to the early death of my single battery Jackaroo (user fault,i am clumsy) i have never been that happy when using vaping mods with metal casing.

Now the Jackaroo? WOW!! I just love the grip,love the way it feels in my hands and even thou it is a tad heavier it just feels right.

Dimensions are a bit smaller than the single battery model but it still packs some weight,but the grip is good and it just feels like it was designed to fit nicely in your hand.

Truth be told when it comes to the ”rugged” style of mods i have only tried the Jackaroos, always wanted to try out an Aegis so i could compare it but i haven’t had the chance.
Did review the GeekVape Aegis Nano Kit but compared to the Jackaroo the Aegis Nano kit looks like a keychain :D

The atomizer well when it comes to looks it is not really a head turner but that is just a personal issue,some don’t care about looks but just the performance.
Quality wise well i don’t know it just feels a bit flimsy,even thou the top cap refill system is cool but i can only wonder how long will it last…time can only tell.


Time to charge the mod,get the atomizer primed and ready and give this kit a try.
Seems the mod came already with some charge in it since it took barely 30 minutes to get it charged (type C charging,meh i am not a fan).

Just so you can get an idea of how long the battery can last,well i used it all day at 30 watts with the VVC-30/0.30ohm(30w to 45w) and i got 396 puffs before the battery indicators went from green to red.

I probably could have got more puffs out of the mod at that time but i didn’t want to completely drain the battery.

I usually vape with 0.22 to 0.30 coils at a wattage of 28 to 40 watts,depends a lot on the atomizer itself.

With this tank and using the VVC-30/0.30ohm coil i vaped at around 28/30 watts.
Flavor wise i liked it,plenty of flavor but a bit airy for my taste…did try to fiddle around with the airflow ring but i couldn’t find my sweet point.
That could have been more of personal issue than a fault with the tank itself,flavor was there but the hit i wanted? nope,just couldn’t get it.

Been using the same mod/tank for 2 days and i have had no problems with it,coil gives the same flavor as the first day.

Mod has an easy menu to use and the filling of the pod couldn’t be simpler.
Press on the button of the side of the tank and the top flips open,insert your bottle in,fill the tank then just push cap all the way down until you hear a click.

Although i have to say that when you refill and if you’re using a big 120ml bottle like i do you might have to hold the bottle slightly inclined since if you hold it vertically when filling the tank it get stuck with the top cap.

After a day of full use i grabbed the top of the tank and detached it from the base just to check if there was some condensation.
Amount of condensation was minimal,would suggest that every 3 or 4 tanks you fill you just use a paper towel or cloth to remove some of the condensation so it doesn’t build up.

I did want to try out the VVC 15 (35w to 60w) coil but my allergies went into overdrive and with all my senses messed up i wouldn’t have been able to give it a proper test.


-Love the design
-Fits nicely in the hand
-Very rugged mod that can take a beating
-Good build quality
-Bright screen and good UI


-Build quality of the atomizer? Not a fan,feels a bit flimsy
-Even thou the fill system of the atomizer is easy to use the build quality makes me doubt it will last a long time
-TC mode (even thou i don’t use it) is still one of the Achilles heels of this chip
-Micro-USB charging


This is a 50/50 answer.
The mod? yes of course it is a well built mod that will last you for a long time.
The atomizer well i am not sure,even thou i do get good flavor from it but the top cap doesn’t seem that it will last long and the airflow well it was impossible for me to find the sweet spot.
Just felt a tad to airy for my taste but as like with everything in life this is just my personal taste and it possibly is different from everyone else.

All in all this is one very good kit that can cover all your vaping needs.

Thanks again to all my friends at Sourcemore for giving me the opportunity to review this device.

Thanks for reading.


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