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Honest answer? I prefer neither one of both options. It’s one of those lopsided airflow RDAs that doesn’t offer any particular way to work around the problem of airflow being not laterally lined up with the coils, hence the description of “lopsided airflow”, which is a typical design flaw excepting only maybe if there exists some way to get the airflow to be redirected adequately to still be able to make it work. For example, some lopsided airflow RDAs are designed such a way that they may add a little bit of a vortex wheel kind of effect (the purpose of which is to eliminate undesirable characteristics of turbulence that can tend to occur with some, or a lot of, typical side airflow RDAs), but the Axial RDA doesn’t let you rotate the barrel in order to make that possible. That is, with the Axial only the chuff can be rotated, the barrel can not, while at the same time also there is no insert piece that you need to put in there to deflect airflow more toward the center of the coils. Also, there’s no easy tweak to get the airflow style to be vortex-like, and, in addition to this, there’s not enough room in there to adjust the positioning of your coils to line them up with the airflow enough for it to be able to cancel the need to line the airflow up with them. So, no matter how you look at this RDA, the airflow will always be maligned excepting only if you prefer to have the airflow wide open, in which case I can’t see why they made the airflow adjustable in the first place. For this reason alone, I had decided not to buy this RDA.

Maybe the Axial is for those who can’t/won’t appreciate flavor performance as much as I do, or for those who simply don’t notice any difference. If you look at the Pulse V2 RDA, for example, you can see that it does have an (ultem) insert piece to direct airflow, BUT… that one still doesn’t line the airflow up with your coils either, so… just something to be aware of when you choose to buy another RDA. There’s plenty of decent performing RDAs out there, if you know where to search for them. And, before anyone should jump, no, they don’t necessarily always have to be mightily expensive to be good. Take the Bonza 1.5 RDA as one example to prove this fact. Another nice one is the Asgard Mini RDA. The list goes on… But there certainly is a lot of useless crap out there, complete with a hefty overdose of bias from all the various reviewers, the vast majority of whom are just shills. It happens a lot on YouTube, and it happens a lot elsewhere too, in fact the whole vaping community has been fraught with biased folks for as long as I can remember so, don’t say I never warned you. It happens a lot here on the VU forum too, which is one of primary reasons why so many people here either have left or have stopped bothering to give help. Sorry if that came off a little too negative, but… it is what it is, and, it isn’t exactly getting better.

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You could not have simply written, “I do not use the Axial RDA”?(Specific case you, as you @Carambrda, did as you did.)

Was there a need to berate the RDA, a thing? Some reason you needed to debase the design of the RDA, an idea?

A simple, “I don’t use that RDA”, would not have sufficed?

Can you now perceive that for being someone of such vaulted intellect you’re one of the stupidest folks I know? After all, you sling a diatribe of written diarrhea when only a simple concise statement may have worked fine. (Specific case you here. I’m pointing out an apparent fault of yours. You’re “racing to the bottom” by mudslinging. You specifically in this case seem to continually do it.)

You assail things and ideas. Neither of these can offer defense, not that they have need to defend themselves. Point is you’re attacking straw and trying to seem mighty in so doing. (General case you here.)

If you cannot understand I’m writing in metaphor, parable, similes, you may wish to ignore me. I’ll keep writing as I do, bound to confuse and flummox you. No doubt you’ll be frustrated by an inability to understand me. Do not though conflate your inability to comprehend my writing for my lacking clarity & ease of reading. (General case you, again.)

I would have told the OP the following.

Have read, heard mixed reviews of that RDA. I don’t use it. Let me know how your luck with it goes, maybe.

That is short, simple, honest and suffices. I’ve not berated any thing, idea, person. There was no need, no warranting it. Why then do it?

Yes, I comprehend we share experiences. That still doesn’t excuse a seemingly infinite desire and gesture to drag every thing, idea, person through the mud.

(So that you specifically, @Carambrda, can understand this point. I do know you’re not alone in this “race to the bottom”. I am zeroed in on you in this case, yes. I do mean though a general case you in addressing the issue of mud slinging for no reason. A general case you infers it could be anyone doing it.)

(Begin general case you from herein.)

Are you that afraid?

Has insecurity paralyzed you so that you need to snipe at all?

You are out nothing to tell this OP “I don’t use that RDA”. There’s no loss to you to say simply that and that alone.

No, you need to spew a barrage of filth raking on the subject.

Did that RDA fall and drop on your toes?

Did that RDA’s design cause you unholy nightmares, or maybe make your stove top explode?

I doubt any of that happened. So, why the attack? Why the fear?

And yes, for someone to attack with such vitriol, it only infers insecurity, fear. Sorry I don’t understand why that exists. Do I expect you, @Carambrda, to offer an explanation? No I really don’t. Figure that’s a hope I’ll not build up. I’m only conveying my thoughts and feelings that such a race to the bottom seems pointless at best.

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