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Top 5 reasons to vape your weed instead of smoking or eating it – VAPES

There are many ways to enjoy your legalized weed, and a wide swath of the cannabis community is now turning to vaping as their preferred choice. Vaping marijuana provides the user with increased flexibility and portability while also offering less smoke and pot smell with each puff.  It is also a much more efficient use of one’s personal stash because there are no flames involved.  Here are the top five reasons why many cannabis enthusiasts are making the switch to vaping.

1. Less odor

Vaping weed is not entirely odorless, but it is far less pungent than smoking a joint or a blunt.  Furthermore, the odor associated with the loose weed product while stored in your trust vaping device is also almost zilch.  So, when your vape pen is placed in the bottom of your purse or in your pants pocket, bystanders rarely become suspicious.  With less smell, apartment dwellers and marijuana users vaping in public are far less likely to draw negative criticism from neighbors or others nearby.

2.  Convenience and portability

When working at the office or running errands throughout the day, many marijuana users—particularly those using weed for medicinal purposes—find smoking a rolled up joint to be more than a bit embarrassing.  While not all vaping devices are adequately appropriate for marijuana usage, many of them are quite convenient.  Just keep the battery charged, and you are good to go.  Vaping pens and mods are also easily portable and capable of being discreetly hidden away in desk drawers, purses, and inside jacket pockets without anyone being the wiser.

3.  Less smoke, better for the lungs.

Because vaping does not involve flames, there is also less smoke–or in this case, vapor—compared to smoking a joint, blunt, or bowl.  Marijuana farmers almost always use a limited amount of chemicals for the growing and distribution of their products.  When the cannabis leaves are burned, it is often the burning of the chemical additives that creates the powerful odors. 

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Vaping resolves this problem to a large extend.   And with less smoke intake into the lungs and respiratory system, weed vapers experience a wide range of health benefits, too.  Meanwhile, your home and interior furnishings are less exposed to third-hand smoke seeping into the sofa, drapes, and carpeting. 

4.  Saves money, more efficient use of the bud.

All strains of marijuana have a unique bioavailability rating which is defined as the measure of the fractional amount of the initial dose that successfully enters the bloodstream.  Compare to the smoking of weed, vaping offers a vastly improved bioavailability rating.  In other words, the amount of cannabis that is wasted or that “goes up in flames” during vaping is significantly reduced compared to smoking.  This saves you money. Additionally, many types of vape devices offer adjustable temperature controls which gives the user even more control over the duration of the bud.

5.  More THC gets into the bloodstream faster.

Bioavailability also comes into play when calculating the level and expediency of medicinal effects one achieves based on the amount of marijuana being used.  When ingesting cannabis capsules, edibles, and beverages, the human body’s digestive system must first break down these products using stomach acids before the THC can enter the bloodstream.  This takes time while also, in effect, destroying a substantial percentage of the medicinal THC.   

With vaping, the body bypasses the digestive system entirely, and the user feels the medicinal effects almost immediately.  Vaping also takes much of the guesswork out of determining how much marijuana to ingest to feel its optimum effects.  Worrying about eating too many cannabis-enhanced jellybeans to feel the desired effects is no longer and issue.  And compared to smoking, a little bit of your weed stash goes a long, long way because of the comparatively improved bioavailability.

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