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Tootle Puffers, Part Three! (The Sequel of the Redux)

TPuffers!!!!!! What have we done! Part Three? Already? :lol:

Hello to all the old and the new Tootle Puffers! Welcome to our newest abode. Please make yourself comfy — there are drinks at the bar, and snacks on the table. We’ve even got a T-shirt and a wristband for the 1st person to come in here.

(oh, that’d be me. sorry.) :facepalm:

After more than 30 THOUSAND posts, we’re still going strong! (Altho I’m not sure we know the meaning of “Tootle Puffer” yet…) (and we might never know! :D )

If you’d like to offer up what it means to you, then go for it! If you’d like to discuss the color of your water heater, ride a camel on Wednesdays, or divulge the secrets to a great love life, feel free!

So turn down the wattage and blow some wispy little plumes! Have fun, make friends, learn and teach vape, and Tootle On.

And please join CASAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you sincerely, my sweetie pies, one and all, for making this one of the most incredible threads on ECF! I appreciate every single one of you very much.

And without further ado or hoopla, here ya go…… TOOTLE PUFFERS, PART THREE! (The Sequel of the Redux)

Hop on!


And for those who would like to trip down the memory lane……………

Part 1: Are YOU a Tootle Puffer??

Part 2: Tootle Puffers, Redux (The Sequel)


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