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Tobacco Control Experts Unite for Unprecedented Endorsement of Vaping

“In a new paper, the most influential tobacco control experts in the country have come together to endorse the harm reduction benefits of vaping for adult smokers, calling for the rehabilitation of its public image and emphasizing its ability to save lives as a safer alternative to combustible cigarettes. The publication represents the most organized and explicit call-out by such scholars to date.

The article, published August 19 in The American Journal of Public Health, was led by Kenneth Warner, a professor emeritus of health management and policy at the University of Michigan and a distinguished tobacco control expert. It addresses everything from the confusion of nicotine’s effect on the developing brain to how we should balance the concerns about the risks and potential benefits of vaping. It should serve as a much-needed corrective to the swirl of misinformation that surrounds vaping.”

“It is an exceedingly rare statement that will be hard for critics to dismiss with the usual accusations.”

See whole article here:
Tobacco Control Experts Unite for Unprecedented Endorsement of Vaping


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