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The official VAPE MAIL!!!!!!! thread #2 | Vaping Underground Forums

Night before last, a Topside Dual, an SX Mini Mi Class pod unit and cartridges showed up from StrikesUSA, plus the silicone sleeve I ordered off Amazon for the Topside, then last night the RBA I ordered for an X-Baby tank arrived.

The Mi class pod, 12 mg freebase nic juice in it, makes me cough something terrible. Flavor sucks, draw cutoff time is too short, it’s a complete miss. I guess I’d use it if everything else I have died.

Not as crazy about the Topside as I expected to be. It’s fine, nothing spectacular. Seems like I have to bump wattage up higher on that mod to get the same vape I get with lower wattage on others. Put a CSMNT clone on it for now, but have a blue Entheon on the way from FT that is intended for it eventually. Really really like the silicone sleeve on it, though.

But now I’ve posted something in the V2 Vape Mail thread so I can keep up with it!

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