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The Innokin COOLFIRE Z80 with Zenith II Kit Review by Uncle

Well Now – Originally this review for the Innokin Coolfire Z80 and Zenith II was started and supposedly to be post quite awhile ago; however there had been an interruption midway through writing the review due to unforeseen circumstances – a visit to the Emergency Room and a stay at the Hospital – I wasn’t able to complete it at the time. So after recouping somewhat and back in the game, I thought I would complete it as it was first written, add some of the finishing touches, and post the review. I hope you will find it informative, interesting and even humorous now given some of the content . . . So without further ado . . .
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The Innokin COOLFIRE Z80 with Zenith II Kit


First – The Disclaimer: I am not a professional writer, nor professional reviewer of any products/product lines. Over the past few years – the only reviews or suggestions I have made were at the time which I believed I could provide information or add something to the conversation. What’s more important, anything I said was – or will say, is – “My” Personal Opinion . . .

BTW: As usual when testing any vaping equipment I use my ADV of Unflavored 50/50 24 NIC w/Koolada (sometimes 1-2 Drops of “Menthol Crystal Liquid) added to provide a “Cooling” Menthol effect. Also, I evaluated any equipment based on “My” experiences after using numerous different products for the past 9 years, first as a dual user then becoming a full-time vapor 2 years ago.

By now people know, I do not just jump on a product to just write a review without taking the time to actually test it fully – anywhere from a week, possibly 2 or 3 weeks or even more . . . So – For anyone interested in a more formal description and specifications about this product should check these links about the Innokin – COOLFIRE Z80 with Zenith II Kit:

CoolFire Z80 Zenith II – Vape Kit | INNOKIN®

This is not a “normal” review” as some, however if you want to know what it is to experience this product from a personal perspective – “MINE” – then we’re good.


Pardon the interruption of this review with a very special announcement . . .
Even if you never considered using an Innokin Product or if you do use Innokin products, especially the Coolfire and Zenith lines . . . STOP . . . DO NOT READ THE REVIEW/S YET OF THE . . . Innokin COOLFIRE Z80 with Zenith II Kit . . . STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING . . .


– Innokin COOLFIRE Z80 with Zenith II Kit –

NOW ! ! !

Now back to the review . . .

First impression:

When I opened the box, I wasn’t sure I actually got an Innokin COOLFIRE . . . At first; as an owner of previous versions of Innokin’s Coolfire line of products – I noticed this Coolfire was different immediately. If it wasn’t for the “Innokin” & “Coolfire Z80” imprints on either side of the “metal” alloy banding I would not have known. That was until I took a much closer look and took my time checking everything out and putting this Coolfire Z80 thru its paces.


I found the Coolfire Z80 just slightly smaller in height visually and lighter in weight in feel then previous Coolfires. But every bit the same in quality and design as previous models.


The appearance of this Coolfire Z80 (Ash Grey) is very easy on the eye and quite elegant looking overall. With the contrasting slick alloy metal frame, glossy smooth screen/control area, and “suede” wrap of the Coolfire feels and fits very well in the palm of my hand – very comfortable. And top it off with a matching “Gun-Metal” tank (preferably the New Zenith II that comes with the kit). IMHO – it’s a Mod “dressed to the nines” even if you are not. More importantly, like many of the Innokin products you do not have to assume it is a quality product by just looking at it – because once you start using it you will notice it is quite solid and well made. Which brings me to the actual operation of the Coolfire Z80 . . .

However – First and Foremost, before I get into any of the “nitty-gritty” , I would be remised if I did not mention – without a doubt – read the instructs and “Warning & Safety” booklet that comes with the Coolfire Z80, especially the warning concerning “Pace Makers” . . . Just Sayin’. It should also be noted, that an external “FLAT-TOP” 18650 battery is NEEDED to use the Coolfire Z 80.​

Now with that out of the way, even if you have used any version of a Coolfire before, the Coolfire Z80 is a different mod and a little more than you might expect with the 4th Generation Vaping Technology incorporated to the function of the MOD (see Coolfire Z80 details & spec’s). The same can be said about the New Zenith II tank with its improvements (which will be discussed later in the review). This can be a very good or bad thing depending on your perspective and what you want from a MOD and/or Tank.

Now, as for an actual test using the COOLFIRE Z80 with the new Zenith II and putting them thru their paces . . .

Really like that the Coolfire Z80 uses a replaceable external 18650 Battery. I found the Coolfire Z80 quite easy to use, whether or not you have Coolfires previously; the fire button, + up – down controls and usb are locate on the LC Screen and are very accessible. Even the Menu options are bright and clear when outside in direct sunlight. Everything you would expect from a quality Innokin product.

Personally I was determined to “Test” the Coolfire Z80 as it was sent, using the 4th Generation Vaping Technology at 80Mz & 10 Watts and the Zenith II 0.8 ohm mesh coil preinstalled.

Filled the new Zenith II with my ADV and set off for a new experience. YEA – Right . . . Let’s just say within 3 hours, the “Fo” was switched to “Power”. Let me explain . . . When the “Fo” Technology is activated I feel a slight “Current”/”Vibration” running through the vapor when inhaling – it’s unsettling to me to say the least – just as it was the first time I tried using the “Fo” mode in the Innokin Sensis. Now don’t get me wrong, I am sure for some people they may not notice, but I did. The other thing is I really don’t NEED to use the “Fo” mode – I neither use a strong e-liquid flavor that would “junk-up” a coil or to use it to possibly enhance the flavor of an e-liquid. NOR – To extend the life of the Z-Coils. AS almost everyone knows by now is that the Innokin coils I use, including the Z coils & Sceptre coils already last “Me” anywhere from 60-90 + days each (approximately 3 months before having to change out). Also I have an Ultra Sonic Cleaner that I use when NEEDED to refresh coils to reuse later. The new “Fo” technology (including the Coil + & Refresh options), while may be a great option for those who use flavored E-Liquid, especially one that “gunk’s-up” coils, in reality does nothing to improve the coils/vapor and my vaping experience in the long run

However, once I got the Coolfire Z80 set to wattage, I kept using the 0.8 oHm mesh coil in the Zenith II and still am (been approximately 2 weeks now – amazing isn’t it). Also, I will say this, I noticed that when using the 0.8 oHm mesh coil there is a difference in both vapor “taste” and TH. In addition, it seems I can even vape at a lower wattage (7 w) or higher (15 w) without the unflavored NIC e-liquid I use tasting like old burnt tobacco as it has in the past when using a sub-ohm coils. Even played around with increasing the wattage up to 20w, with no major problems – just not for me. However, will I continue using the 0.8 oHm coils? Maybe/Maybe not, if I had the 0.8 oHm mesh coils – I might use them, just not going to make a special purchase of them when I mainly use 1.2/1.6 oHm Z-coils. AND – As for the 0.3 oHm coils – tried did not like – NOPE – NA DA – NOT HAPPENING.

Which brings me to the New Zenith II tank . . .


What a difference and pleasure a few adjusts/improvements make to a product you already enjoy using. The Zenith II has a few very noticeable changes to its appearance and function, while maintaining what I (and many others) found positive with its original design. While the differences might be somewhat minor to some, IMHO – the “improvements” do make a noticeable change of refinements for the better – at least for “Me” as a MTL “Tootle Puffer”


So what are the differences that you might not notice at first:

The Size of the Fill ring and Airflow ring. They are both slightly “chunkier” and have an intermittent raised “wave” that allows for a much better “grip’ when turning the rings open and close. The Airflow ring is even easier to set to your preferred opening without any “slipping” while using or when carrying in a pocket/bag. Can set to the lowest opening for limited airflow “MTL” and it stay’s where you put it until you want to open it up more and the same can be said for those who want to open the airflow all the way for a very airy draw for “DL”.

Next is the Silicone gasket that covers the fill hole – what a very smart concept – you insert the tip of your e-liquid bottle nozzle through the slit to fill the tank. I was able to fill the Zenith II tank with no mess whatsoever. Can’t tell ya’ how many times I didn’t realize that I was about to overfill, or the fill hole ring wasn’t closed all the way or opened without my knowing to have e-liquid flowing out of the fill hole.


Replaceable Pyrex Glass for Tank . . . Glass tubing does break every so often and when it does, tanks that are ‘sealed’ can only be thrown away. – NOT NICE ! ! ! And can be very expensive. Thankfully Innokin listen and heard their consumers – enough said.

Replaceable/Interchangeable Drip Tip . . . What can I say . . . While having a Drip Tip attaché to a tank might be covenant for some, I find it very annoying, especially when I don’t like the style or design and trying to clean any tank. Thankfully Innokin Design Team rethought this when “upgrading’ the Zenith to the Zenith II and you can now remove the Drip Tip to one you prefer using be it for “MTL” or “DL” – even your favorite Drip Tip from another manufacturer. Personally, I like the Innokin Drip Tips available (including the delrin’s for “MTL”), however when in the mood I use a Pyrex Glass Drip Tip at times too.​

Talk about an improvement, the not so slight modifications made to the Zenith II really enhance the MTL “Vaping” experience for “Me” . . . Cool and “Refreshing” – especially using 1.2 & 1.6 oHm Z-coils at a lower wattage 10 Watts . . . Matter of fact, I haven’t put the Zenith II down since the day I got it set up and running.

The results overall:

Although there have been a few times I have not “liked”, or actually find a product that I would use, or even something does not meet my expectations – the Innokin Coolfire Z80 & Zenith II is not one of them.

Without a doubt Innokin is producing more – WINNERS – The Coolfire Z80 and Zenith II get’s Uncle’s stamp of approval and is another Innokin product that I whole heartily recommend to all Vapors alike . . . :thumbs:

( Okay Now – Before anyone makes any comments, Once again, it will sometimes take “Me” quite awhile to write up and edit a review; so if “You” find any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, or spelling – get over it, I’m not a professional writer . . . Just Sayin’ . . . :rolleyes: }



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