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~The Billet Box~ page 1559 continued…

Yahhhh, well i guess over 1500 pages was a bit much to skim through….

H a p p y N e w Year !!!
#*#*```#*#`**`#```throw’n fetti “~#``~#~#*~`#*


Just changed that little 14 to a 15…. ugghh, and i just started getting used to writing /14 on checks…

Soooo my last thread has been shut down on account of too bigz. I kinda didn’t notice cuz I was in the zone working on some stuff… ooops… Looking back i can’t imagine how 2014 could have been any busier, just wow… i’m ready for a fresh start…2015 better have less things in it…

A big thank you to all the Billet Box uses here that have never failed to help newcomers get on the right path… I truly regret I couldn’t be more active here on ECF for the latter of those 1559 pages… thank you!!!

Anywhoo, new thread, new year!!! What will 2015 bring to the vaping table?
?? Probably super exciting type stuffs…..


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