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The biggest mistake I ever made as a newbie to vaping (how to avoid a – VAPES

After being a regular, daily smoker for over a decade, I began hearing about some newfangled electronic devices called “vaping pens” that allegedly helped smokers quit.  It was January 2015, and my pack-and-a-half-a-day smoking habit was now costing me a small fortune to maintain.  So, of course, I was instantly interested.

At the time, cigarettes cost about $8.00 per pack.  So, doing the math, I was then spending around $360 per month just on smoking.  My car payment cost less.

So, I decided to give vaping a try.  I first purchased a rather inexpensive Kangertech Evolve pen, and I instantly fell in love.  But that love was fleeting.

After about a week to ten days, the device no longer seemed to be working properly.  Sure, the light would come on when I pushed the button, but no vapor would come out of the tip. 

So, I bought another one.  Same brand.  Same model.

The second vape pen worked perfectly…for about another 7-10 days before once again going Kaput.

“Maybe it’s the brand of vape pen that I am buying,” I thought.  So, I purchased a couple of other alternatives.  I tried Joytechs, SMOKs, Suorins, Vaporessos, Voopoos and so many others. 

I tried thicker, tubular options like the Cascade One Plus.  I tried hefty box mods like the Topbox Nano and everything in between. Meanwhile, I was racking up massive financial expenses in vape device purchases, wasted e-liquid, and repeated relapses back into smoking.

About a year after that failed first attempt to make the switch to vaping, I decided to give it one more shot.  But instead of spending $80.00 on a cool-looking box mod, I bought a cheap Joytech eGo AIO ECO for around ten bucks.

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The Joytech eGo is just a bit longer and just a bit wider than a conventional tobacco cigarette, which I loved.  It also puts out a massive cloud of vapor for its money, which I had learn along the way is one of my must-haves for a vape pen.   

In short, I felt that the eGo mimicked my personal smoking experience the most.  Other vapers, of course, will disagree – which is why vaping is so awesome.  There are so many choices.

But even with the eGo, I found it’s performance begin to diminish after a couple of weeks.   But at $10 a pop, I was still saving tons of money compared to my former days as a daily smoker. 

Then I discovered coils…or rather…vaping coil replacement. 

Okay.  I admit.  I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  But in my defense, at the time that I first tried vaping, I had no friends or family in my social circle who were either regular smokers or daily vapers.  I was a closet smoker, and I was good at keeping it a secret.

Instead of taking smoke breaks at work, I would leave the office at lunchtime and spend an hour chain smoking in my car.  I would then Febreze my clothes, brush my teen, and go back to work.  No one ever accused me of being a smoker. 

So, when I ordered those various vape devices, I took little notice of the tiny little “accessories” located in the boxed packaging.  In fact, the instructions were usually printed in such a tiny font that I was forced to go on YouTube to learn how to operate the device properly because I couldn’t read the instructions.  Most of those YouTube videos rarely said anything about coil maintenance and replacement. 

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So, back to my Joytech eGo love affair.  I had finally discovered my personal favorite vape pen, and it had taken me many months, hundreds of dollars, and multiple smoking relapses to achieve this victory.  I refused to give up now.

One day, I discovered that all five of the different colored eGo devices located in my nightstand were no longer working. I could hear the atomizers engaging, but no vapor came to my throat when I sucked on the devices.   

I was desperate.  It was 11:30 at night, the vape shops were closed, and I needed a fix!

That’s when I finally looked in the box and found a replacement coil…one in each box of the five boxes.  I changed the coil in my black eGo pen, reloaded some of my favorite e-liquid, and crossed my fingers.

BAM!  My perfect vaping experience was back!  Vaping was effortless once again.  The device allowed me to both inhale and exhale massive plumes of vapor.  And the e-liquid tasted crisp, clean, and pure.  

All because I changed the coil!

Here’s the thing.  The price of my favorite vape pen is about $10.  I was buying about four eGos per month along with a big bottle of e-juice.  That’s about $75.00 per month, which, when compared to the $360 per month I was previously spending in smoking, was quite a remarkable savings.

Now that I had discovered the wonderful world of coil replacement, I researched the costs of the BFHN 0.5ohm replacement coils for my Joytech eGo.  To my surprise, I found that I could buy a pack of five coils for about $10-12 dollars.  That’s the equivalent cost of about one eGo vape pen.  

I could buy five coils at $11 – which is the equivalent lifespan of five eGos at a total price of about $50.   That’s a $39 saving per month!   So, now my monthly vaping budget had fallen from $75 to about $36 – a near 50% discount.

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Yes, in hindsight, I can see that I was a complete fool for ignoring the little extra pieces and parts located in the bottoms of the vape boxes every time I bought a new vaping device. But I am so glad that I finally discovered their importance.

I have now been completely smoke-free for several years now.  I have boundless energy, thousands upon thousands of extra dollars in my savings account, and I breathe easier when I climb the stairs.  Heck, I even work out now!

Newbie vapers, please learn from my experiences.  The coil and the e-liquid are the only parts of a vaping device that need replacing regularly.  Make sure to replace the coil at least once per week, when the efficiency of the vape pen begins to decline, or when the e-liquid begins to taste burnt or less flavorful. 

Take it from me.  Regular, weekly coil replacement will definitely help you avoid a relapse back into smoking. 

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