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Temperature Control with Stainless Steel 316L

There are others here way more experienced about this than me, but

Tip 1: it’s useful to have the Evolv DNA software on your PC, to setup the DNA as you like. For me, I needed to turn the “boost” setting down quite a bit to get a cooler vape and less hot initial hit. I found it much easier to tweak the settings, test, then tweak again while using software to get TC correct than to use the buttons and tiny screen. When done, set a profile and that’s that!

Tip 2: Make sure to put your deck on the mod, with your new coil installed and preburn to make sure the power is flowing evenly. You may have seen some videos where folks will run a non conductive tweezer or similar lightly over the coil, which magically makes all the coils
glow evenly. This avoids hot spots that can make for some odd tastes and (seemingly) power delivery.

Tip 3: Make sure the ohm reading on your mod is correct. I use an ohm meter to test my coils after they’ve been heated (in the step above). I’ve had mods with ohm readings that are just off by a mile. They usually go back for replacement.

Also, I’ve had some cheap 316L wire that wasn’t really 316L. Stick to good, known suppliers like WireOptim, Geek Vape, etc… Those are just the ones I’ve used, no connection to them.

Just some of what I’ve hit, and hope you find that happy vape place!



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