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Tauren Mechanical Mod – anyone use them? | Vaping Underground Forums

Anyone use a Tauren Mech Mod from Thunderhead Creations?

I’d like to get myself a mech for home and the pricepoint fits my budget. I know I know get what you pay for but this is a mechanical mod so having chips and options doesn’t play into this decision.

Roughly $80 for a 21700 (also 20700 and 18650 capable) mech mod and an Rda. As far as I can tell there is no locking switch but I’ve got a regulated mod for going out with and at this point in my life a Purge simply is a budget buster for me.

Edit to add: I have had a tube mech in the past and still have a mech squonk so yes I will be extremely careful with all safety issues related to non regulated devices.
Pic for example. Capture+_2021-09-10-20-03-09.png

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