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Tafée Bowle Vaporizer: Tips and Tricks

As we mentioned, convection vapes chew through a lot of power, and the last thing you want is your vape to die in the middle of a hit. Plug it in after every couple of sessions to ensure you have all the juice you need, every time.

Maintain the screens

Clear and open airflow is important for convection vapes. A clogged pot screen can cause hot spots, even if you packed it perfectly, so if you notice a dip in performance, your pot may have a dirty screen. Give it a quick brush, or soak it in some rubbing alcohol and you’ll be good to go.

Tafee Bowle Vaporizer Tips and Tricks Dirty Screen

Don’t touch the temperature sensor!

The Bowle’s temperature sensor is located inside the oven slot, right above the metal screen. It’s been meticulously calibrated to hit your set temperature dead on and maintain it as you take your hit, all while taking into account your draw speed and length. Knock it out of whack and you’ll need to send it in for repair, so don’t touch it!

Tafee Bowle Vaporizer Tips and Tricks Don't Touch Temperature Sensor

Don’t use hot drinks with the drinkware

Vaping and sipping on your favorite beverage is one of the Bowle’s highlight features. The drinkware is made from durable plastic, but should not be used with drinks hotter than 80°C/175°F, equivalent to a hot cup of tea. Stick to cold or room temperature beverages. If you must have tea with your vapor, steep it in another cup first, and transfer to the Bowle when it’s ready to drink.

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