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Tafée Bowle Vaporizer: How to clean

The Tafée Bowle is a killer vape and cleaning it is dead simple. Whether you’re a light or heavy user, our cleaning guide will show you the most effective way to get your Bowle back in pristine condition.

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance: What you need

Grab these household items to get started:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • One Ziploc bag or cup for soaking (big enough to soak stem)
  • One cotton swab (optional)

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance Guide What You Need

Take it apart

The stem and its accessories are the only pieces to deep clean, so take out the stem and remove the dirty pot and silicone mouthpiece. Poke out the small metal screen from the pot and remove the small o-ring located under the lip. The mouthpiece and o-ring don’t need to be soaked, so set these aside for now. If you use the drinkware, take it off and set it aside to wash later.

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Disassembled

Time to soak

Take your large container or ziploc bag and fill it with enough rubbing alcohol to submerge each piece. Throw the stem, pot, and screen inside to soak for a few hours. Give a few good shakes to loosen any tough buildup.

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Soaking

The cup can be treated like any other drinkware, so wash it by hand or throw it in the dishwasher in the meantime. If your mouthpiece is particularly dirty, take a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and swab out the inside for a quick cleanup.

Once the pieces are done soaking in alcohol, rinse them well and set them out to dry.

Take care of the puck

The puck stays clean due to the Bowle’s design, but you can give it a good wipedown to keep it nice and fresh. Be careful wiping around the oven, however. The temperature sensor lies just above the metal screen inside, and can easily be knocked out of whack if you’re not careful. Don’t touch that screen!

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Puck
Don’t touch this screen!

Put it back together

Once all the pieces are nice and dry, it’s time to throw it back together. Take the screen and place it back in the bottom of the pot, and then slip the small red o-ring around it, right under the lip. Place the mouthpiece back into the stem and you’re all set!

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Assembled

Tips for a cleaner vape

Much of your nasty buildup will occur in the pot, but you can control how much and how often you need to clean it. To keep you up and running for longer, take the included cleaning brush and clear out the pot and the bottom of the stem after each session.

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

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