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Steeping input welcome:

Let me preface by giving you all an idea of my vaping profile.
I use 5 vape rigs on a daily basis: (buffet vaper)
(3) 35mm Steam Crave Ragnar RDTA
(1) 28mm QP Violator RTA
(1) 28mm Fat Rabbit RTA
The 35mm get (2) N80 quad core 28+38 / 3.5mm ID / 7 wrap @ 100W
The 28mm get (2) N80 dual core 26 +36 / 2.5mm ID / 7 wrap @ 87W
I go thru appx 1,000 ml of juice per month

Over the years I have experimented with many steeping techniques:
*Ultrasonic @ 140*F
*Crock pot @ 140*F
*Hand shaking / mechanical shaking
*Steeping from 1 week to 3 months
*Shaking every day / shaking every week

For last 2 yrs the method I use:
Make 3 months of juice in 200ml canning jars (15 jars)
70 VG / 30PG
*Heat in crock pot in warm tap water just enough to thin out a bit
*Shake at low speed, ~30 sec. with recip saw rig (home made)
*Creams: steep in cupboard ~2.5 months (no shaking)
*Fruits / Tobac: steep ~6 weeks – 2 months
*Add nicotine and give a shake when ready to vape

The juice turns out great, but there has to be something I am missing. I see all the mfgr recommendations for steep time as well as posts from other vapers. I am under the impression it should not take this long to make a really good batch of ejuice.
Am I missing something?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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