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So, cotton is cotton, right? | Vaping Underground Forums

The reason why I don’t like to use pads is because of what’s shown from 2:27 through 3:46 in the video below:
As for Cotton Bacon Prime, for a while I used to like it better than Cotton Bacon 2.0 until I switched back to the latter. The former can start to develop an undertaste that’s reminiscent of some sort of wood pulp like bamboo or something like that, and, for vaping at high wattages around 100 watts or higher with 2.5mm coils (especially if the length of the coils is more than double their diameter size) it tends to easily burn the wicks in half, which never happens with the latter if I prepare my cotton like how Yosh explained it in the video above.

Another important trick IME is how to get rid of the dust that got stuck between the fresh cotton fibers and that irritates my throat for half an hour until the wicks are broken in properly─it feels almost as if a fluff of cotton is stuck inside my throat. After you wick it up, it’s all about how you juice it up, which I’ll try to explain next.

Putting the juice always on top of the coils instead of also putting it on top of the wicks is what makes a world of difference IME. Also IME, gently pulsing the fire button helps to prevent juice from leaking onto the tails of the wicks (and all over your mod such a way that you can decide to become a reviewer on YouTube whose only real talent is to create a total mess…) when the tails are still dry. Let nature do its job. The juice will get sucked from the coil into the tails of the wicks. Be patient. You’ll know that little bit of extra patience is what drives out the air─that would otherwise get trapped between the cotton fibers─from the middle toward the outside, and you’ll thank yourself for it. Also, continue pulsing it whilst the juicing it up is still progressing, but continue pulsing it less gently with every subsequent step of the way. But don’t hold the fire button down too long, either.

If you follow this kind of advice and you’re not afraid to walk that extra mile of experimenting with it and comparing various different wicking techniques, then you might be in for a pleasant surprise. If you get it right (which may take some practice at first, I’ll admit, but that’s only a small sacrifice to make…), the time it takes for the Cotton Bacon 2.0 to “break in” will be greatly reduced, to the point where it will be pretty much on par with Cotton Bacon Prime in this regard. I.e., the first 4-5 hits might still taste/feel a bit recessed, but never much more than that. Cotton Bacon Prime has a tendency IME to start to quickly collapse after I’ve been vaping for several days so then, it feels all “squishy-and-mush” when I pull it out of my coils. Whereas Cotton Bacon 2.0 takes more experience gained from practice, more patience, or perseverance till you’ve finally learned how to use it to its fullest potential. Not everyone has this much spare time or dedication of course. Still nevertheless, IME it does pay off, and TBH it pays off rather nicely.

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