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Sneak peek once again of a gadget from Steam Crave coming soon | Vaping Underground Forums

Really at a loss where the best spot would be to post this. If an admin feels there is a better area please let me know and I can delete this post and post over there.

Okay so here we have a little doodad as I like to call them. It’s is a bit gimmicky but honestly I think it’s cool as shit AND it works, and very well too. I know there have been several other companies that came out with things similar but they never worked all that well.

This is an attachment for any mod that will allow you to squonk by using a BF RDA. Yes it’s a bit tall and I am talking to Maggie about possibly having a bubble glass. There will be a 25mm and a 30mm version (possibly 35 also) I should mention there is no suck back feature but for me I honestly prefer this. Takes me all of 2 min to figure out how many times to pump for the well to be filled and it keeps the juice fresh this way.

I have always preferred BF toppers where the squonk pin protruded into the well rather than it being flush for that very reason. I am also happy to say it is hybrid safe. ( I made it a point to push for that ) Need to screw the RDA on the pumper first and then onto the mod to make sure the pin will come out. It does not push back in once the RDA is screwed on fully. I pushed as hard as I could and nope, it stays put. See pictures below. Heck I even found a little smok plastic tank that works for it (even though it’s a bit too narrow but no leaking so it’s a cuteness thing only)

I would love to hear your thoughts. Is it something you would buy? No interest at all? all comments are welcome as long as there is no “douchbaggery” type remarks. No one wants that and no one benefits from it. :)

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I should add that take this Bonza for example. I always prime up the wicks on my stuff anyway but I do 3 pumps to fill the well. When I say pumps, I have found it is best to push and hold like 2 seconds , release, rinse, repeat. Also, the screw for the fill hole is knurled so it’s easy to screw/unscrew

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