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So I used to be able to blow great smoke rings with a hookah using tobacco. Giant ones, ones that would go through another and so one and so on.
It’s been a few years since I did any smoke rings but with a vape I can still blow smoke rings but first off they’re kind of bottom heavy in that the bottom half of the O will be really thick and the top half really thin.
Is there a different trick to smoke rings off a vape than a hookah? Tobacco smoke and shisha flavouring seemed much more ‘cohesive’ and would hold together whereas vape ‘smoke’ seems to be easily pushed by air currents and the rings tend to fall apart quicker.

I make the usual O shape with my mouth and use my throat to roll a smoke ring out. With tobacco smoke this was easy, with a vape the first bit of ‘smoke’ that comes out is very thin, the second blows it away and by that point I have messy looking rings.


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