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Smoke Night LIVE – Matt Booth Room101 Brand

September 17th Matt Booth from Room101 Brand joins the show for what is sure to be a wild episode. When Matt is on the show you never know what to expect but it’s always a fun ride. We will catch up with all things Room101 Brand and see what Matt has up his sleeve in the coming months.

Showtime: 9PM eastern time 09-17-2021.
Episode: 303

Get ready DOJONATION Friday night is Smoke Night! Smoke Night LIVE is the late night live video show.

JR CigarSmoke Night LIVE is brought to you by JR Cigar – the world’s largest cigar store.

Watch this episode LIVE on the Cigar Dojo FACEBOOK page. You can also interact with the show via Facebook by commenting on the video feed. Or you can always ask your question on the Dojo app with hashtag #askdojo and we will answer it on the show.

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