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single battery mech mod with a series deck? | Vaping Underground Forums

Apologies if it seems dense to ask but can you offer a bit of how you’re getting there from here? When I look at this I’m thinking a dual coil set up 0.15 + 0.15 = 0.30. I know there’s a way you’re getting to .60, think I understand but prefer being sure. You doing dual coils on each side? That would seem to make sense to me, .30 on each side added up to .60.

Others might say be a goat head, and run a .05. I wouldn’t run it on a single cell myself, though this is preference as is only running single coil simple builds. :) To me .05 does seam really low. I try to not go below .25 and usually run from .30 to .50. Again, I may not be the “best” to ask though.

Am sure others will respond in short order. :)

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