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Show Off Your Stabwoods Thread

I was curious as to what the Asmodus “official” response would be in regards to polishing/protecting their stabwood mods.

The instructions were to use a lemon oil & beeswax wood polisher. However, there seems to be a different method that MANY stabwood owners have been using on their mods for awhile now.

Asmodus’ stabwoods and others usually come in a matte finish. Some people would prefer a shiny finish. I like matte finishes on certain mods but shiny on others.

Highly polished stabwood colors are more vibrant and have more “depth” to them imo.

I’m not going into details of the process to get a shiny finish since the VU forum has a great thread on it. But in a snapshot it includes ALOT of elbow grease with MicroMesh pads and the application of Renaissance polish. (I’ve discovered that using a small amount of water on the pad helps immensely) Some also will use a mineral oil step as well. Everything you need can be found on Amazon and lots of other sites.

Micro Mesh at
Micro-Mesh 2″ square foam Sanding Pads. Made in USA | eBay

Renaissance Polish

I watched a lot of videos on how stabwood is made. It’s really interesting. So if you’re curious….

Here’s my ongoing project with an Asmodus Minikin V2 in purple stabwood. The colors definitely pop. And it could use some more work but it’s very tiring lol!!

Anyways, I hope this information will be of use to others.



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