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Careful! If you would have taken another step, we might have been scraping you up with a spatula.

In seriousness, this forum makes use of some Google api, That means the N.S.A has access to information here. If they do then so does L.E.Os (Local Enforcement Officers), F.B.I, C.I.A and likely all 14 different sets of Eyes in the world. Smile and wave, you’re still free in your mind and smiling confuses everyone, even yourself. :):wave:

That’s not the point though. Intimidation is the point. Think about it, even here on a forum classed and pawned off as “underground” we still are scraped by surveillance. This leads to a great deal of self censorship, possibly paranoia. All the better, because if we self censor it means we’re controlled by psychological conditioning. And if in need of it they can easily get a court order sending you to the mental health asylum/s locked away from everything.

“Gee your honor, they were spouting paranoid conspiracy theories online”. Which of course it won’t be a proper judge by Black’s Law dictionary but rather a judicial administrator and yes there is a vast difference in the two.

What is a conspiracy theory? It is any theory that two, or more people make plans. That is all it is in plain English. Everyone knows two, or more people who make plans. All you need to do is look at your local grocery store, the local McDonald’s, local Wal-Mart. These are all examples of two, or more people making and enacting plans. Now, everyone is a conspiracy theorist. You’re welcome. :) And in these cases the theories are proven factual, they do occur.

What do “THEY” (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) spend for that profound level of control? Next to nothing or nothing at all.

A judge is for court de jure as in Common Law, Law of Land (These are the same, just called differently by different people) Common Law goes back into England and came to exist in the 12th century, it was the basis of the Magna Carta, which later was adapted to our Bill of Rights. Contrary to common belief, judges do not instruct juries on matters of Law. In fact judges take instruction from juries. Judges though do help juries understand the rules of procedure for courts.

We don’t use the law of the Land anymore but Law of the Sea, Law of Admiralty, Law of Commerce, Holy Roman Law, Cannon Law, Maritime law (All the same the kind of law, merely just different names). Judicial administrators only care about letting Capital keep making profit, it’s about commerce being undisturbed for them, they got greasy palms.

There is a third version of law called Law of the Air. It has three precepts and supersedes the other two forms of law.

1. Do not harm any living being.
2. Harm nor steal any property of any living being.
3. Keep the peace.

That’s the Law of Air. You might notice similarity to the Wiccan ‘Rede. All law except Natural Law/s (Law of Gravity, Law of Heredity and so on) come from religions. Common Law comes from Mosaic Law which is common to Judaism, Christianity, Islam. All three of these religions are entwined in some fashion to Abrahamic religion, religion/s of Abraham. Apologies if the truth offends Muslims but it is the truth according to history, it is what happened. Abraham lived before Mohamed and in fact Mohamed is likely descended from Abraham, ergo Mosaic Law applied to all three religions by means of fatherly traditionalism.

I know this from actually researching it due to something of its nature having direct effect on my life. You kind of wake up after you’re denied help that should exist but in reality doesn’t because the system is corrupted from its core outward.

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