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Should buy a Mod or a Vape Pen to quit smoking | Vaping Underground Forums

Yes. Both. That’s my answer.

You might want to start out with say an affordable “pen” kit. A nice clearomizer tank and two eGo styled batteries ought not cost anything over $40, more likely you find them around $20. If you do get an actual eGo styled battery you can find chargers for those for <$5.

The pen kit you might find works out fine for you. More oft than naught though people realize battery capacity isn’t the greatest. You might get torqued over only having a 2 to 4 ml tank for juice. In any case people usually find something niggling regarding pen kits.

In my case it wasn’t satisfying. Part of that was, yes, I wanted to at least chuck modest vapor clouds. I also liked the drawing feel of water pipes, the huffing on a fire hose rather than the straw sucking. And most “tank” type atomizers are geared to Mouth To Lung (MTL). If you like how a cigarette feels that might suit you. By feels in this case, I mean how it draws/hits for you.

Me doing the huffing suits me. Direct Lung, (DL) that’s called. Yes, we all know you’re still inhaling through the mouth in either case. :) And for me using RDAs over tanks suits. I’m sure for a lot using a tank will suit. My point in saying get both to start out? Well you need to find which works for you. We cannot just tell you offhand or call out some kind of sorting hat. *chuckles*

So get yourself a fair to decent regulated pen kit & the same for a mod kit. There’s adapters for mods so one can use eGo style clearomizer tanks, if the tank isn’t standard 510. If you find your preference you can always put the other up for Pay It Forward, trade/sell. It’s not as though you’ll be out much money wise. Folks can help you find reasonably priced gear & besides most of it is pardon, “cheap Chinese” products.

No disrespect to the Chinese intended. There’s reasons why gear in China comes to America costing so little. Will not discuss those reasons here, not worth wasting electrons. The Chinese are good people. :) The people, anyway. :)

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