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I see that you just asked for free hardware, tools and juice. I understand that you’re broke because you’ve been diagnosed with eyelid cancer, and the last remaining money and belongings you had were looted the day after your house was destroyed by flooding on the Mississippi. Yes, I do believe blowing thicker clouds would ease the stress of losing every member of your immediate family.

Here’s the thing though. I took the liberty of tracking you down online. Because I can.

You’re 19 and started vaping a month ago, using hardware that’s more expensive than mine. You went to a private high school and now attend college in Seattle. The only water you’ve been subjected to is a little rain, which you mentioned on Facebook to your family and friends, who are all alive and well. In fact, your dad is an electrical engineer with his own company. He can probably build you a mod.

Your avatar pic is a cropped photo that was published and copyrighted by the Associated Press last week. The most dramatic photo you’ve actually taken is a pic of your dog in a Christmas sweater. ROFL indeed.

By the way, your dating profiles are embarrassing.

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