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RTA cleaning time | E-Cigarette Forum

My QP Juggerknot V2 was overdue for a cleaning. The air control ring wouldn’t even budge. It ended up being a two-day process soaking in water and rinsing repeatedly. Finally got the ring off, then the glass. I’m still not sure if the chimney comes off of the top or not, but it finally turned easily so I said good enough. I shook it and blew out as much water as I could, then let it dry overnight. When reassembling it, some VG was added to some critical locations to act as a lubricant, and it was as good as new.

I guess this is one of the drawbacks of an RTA – especially a top-air type. There are passageways that you can’t see into so you just have to hope that all the flushing gets them clean. It seems that the bottom-air RTAs are easier to clean. Is that right?

My RDAs are getting more and more use, while my RTAs are getting less and less use. The RDAs are just so simple and basic. I like that and can put up with occasional messes from overfilling.


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