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Relapsing For No Reason –

There are many times in my life where I made a stupid decision to relapse, and it ended up being for no reason at all.

Sometimes you can justify in your mind that it absolutely is the right thing to do at that moment in time.

Like if you were at the coolest concert ever and you’d only been off smoking for like 2 days, then you’ll totally justify relapsing.

And I can understand that.

I’ve been there many times.

But you most likely wouldn’t have put yourself into that situation of having to decide in the first place if you knew 100% that you were going to a concert in a few days.

What I’m talking about is relapsing days before whatever “event” is coming up, only to get to that moment, and the event doesn’t even take place, so you smoked in vain.

“Relapsing because you can’t fathom future events is the worst decision to make.”

Half the time, those future events don’t even happen.

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Let me explain.

Let’s say you quit smoking on a Monday, and you’re all excited about it.

Then on Tuesday, you get a text from a friend inviting you to a party.

Right at that moment, the withdrawal strikes really hard and you begin to think about that party and get scared you won’t be able to not smoke and still have fun.

So, because the party was more important to you, you relapsed on that Tuesday.

The weekend rolled around and plans changed. No more party.

Guess what?

“You smoked the entire week for no reason at all. You could’ve been on Day 5 by now.”

This happened to me many times.

I relapsed because I couldn’t fathom an event coming up on the weekend, so I smoked the entire week instead of quitting.

Only to find out the event never happens, and I smoked the whole week for no reason.

It made me so mad.

Then I would smoke more and more and end up at the bars drinking my problems away.

It’s almost like the drug was tricking me into relapsing and convincing me I couldn’t make through those events.

What I should’ve done is forget about those future events all together.

I wouldn’t remember them anyways.

Looking back on my life, I hardly remember what daily life was like month to month and year to year, let alone all those parties.

I should’ve just kept to myself for a few weeks and not allowed myself to be tempted by parties and concerts.

“That’s how nicotine withdrawal gets you. It finds your weak spot.”

So in order to successfully quit, you MUST say no to everything in the near future.

Make some time for yourself and really focus on quitting, and focus on making it through the day.

Don’t worry about the future. Don’t worry about that party on Saturday.

You can go to the next party.

There will always be another party.

Quit smoking, take some time off to focus on yourself, and then slowly re-introduce yourself back into your social life.

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