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Recipes for Dummies | E-Cigarette Forum

Yes, I actually started this thread :confused:
The idea here is to assemble recipes that are easy. uncomplicated. basic.
I would ask that anyone who joins in please post your most basic recipes. Maybe four flavors, or less. And no decimal points please.
The Goal is to gather recipes that DIY newcomers, and people who lead active lifestyles, can find quick and easy recipes that can be mixed easily.
Allow me to post a few examples. None of these are my own recipes, but rather recipes that I have found that I really enjoy.

White Rabbit ;
French Vanilla (TFA) – 12%
Creme De Menthe (TFA) – 7%
Whipped Creme (TFA) – 5%
Sweet Cream (TFA) – 2%
Easy. Simple. Four basic DIY flavors, no decimal figures. And I like the taste !

Caramel Surprise ;
Caramel (VZ) – 5%
English Toffee (VZ) – 5%
French Vanilla (TFA) – 5%
Bavarian Creme (TFA) -5%
Doesn’t get much easier that this. Four flavors, all at five percent. And I was able to use a few Vaping Zone flavors a young lady on the ECF gave me. It is one of my favorites.

Vanilla Lovers Delight ;
Vanilla Swirl (TFA) – 14%
Bavarian Creme (TFA) – 3%
French Vanilla (TFA) – 3%
Love a good Vanilla flavor. And it does get much easier- three flavors and done.

Brandy Alexandra ;
Chocolate (TFA) – 8%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TFA) – 6%
Brandy (TFA) – 4%
Cinnamon (TFA) 2%
An interesting flavor that I occasionally vape along with an extracted tobacco after a long day behind the wheel.

Again, none of these recipes are of my own making. These are a few I’ve found along the way. These are all simple recipes, as I prefer the K.I.S.S. method. This is NOT a knock against those who can mix eight, ten or even a dozen or more flavors into delightful concoctions. If you can do all that, more power to you. But I prefer to Keep It Simple.
If anyone else would like to share some very basic recipes, it would be appreciated. Thanks, Papaw.

EDIT : it has been pointed out to me that I should post the following abbreviations that might be used in some of the following recipes.
TFA – The Flavor Apprentice
CAP – Capella
FW – Flavor West
FA – Flavor Art
INW (or INA) – Inawera
HS – Hangsen
LA – Lorann
LAN Lorann Natural
SM – Seedmans
VZ – Vaping Zone
TFW – The Flavour Wizard
Forgive me if I left any out, or just correct me along the thread.


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