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Rayon wicking… how tight? | Vaping Underground Forums

On another forum, I got into a debate: yes, cotton wick does expand (swells) but I said that rayon does not “shrink”… it does not expand but also does not “shrink” that much. Everyone said I was wrong… rayon shrinks. I disagree… it doesn’t expand like cotton, but also doesn’t shrink (met with much disagreement about that) So I took their advice and and stuffed the heck out of my RTA (Lemo2) It has small e-juice ports (I knew that but that;s why I use rayon… this RTA needs that) My question is…
Does Rayon “shrink” or just not expand like cotton? I feel it does not but others say it does. Now, I am forced to “primer puff” like hell to even get a decent vape. No “dry hits” but I have had better results before with this RTA. Bottom line… are they wrong and I didn’t need to super stuff that coil (to the point I could barely get the rayon through the coil… twisting and fighting it all the way?


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