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Random DIY mixing and More

I don’t know anything about CAP’s Blueberry Extra. TFA’s Blueberry Extra is part of the holy trinity of blueberries that many feel makes the perfect blueberry flavor to include in most any blueberry recipe.

Blueberry Trinity
FW Blueberry 2%
TFA Blueberry Extra 3%
FA Bilberry .5%

Mix it up as a stone and keep it in your flavor box for use whenever you need the perfect blueberry.

CAP Acai Berry notes from ConcreteRiver:
“Slightly mysterious mystery berry candy flavor.

Tastes like a red candy flavor with some tarter blackberry or cranberry accents. That candy red flavor kind of dominates the body of the flavor, at least at higher percentages. Feels very much in the FA blackcurrant family of red candy flavors. Could very well be some super candied raspberry type flavor, but I can’t untaste swedish fish now. The top notes of the flavor are a bit more lively with some tartness and just a bare hint of astringency. Reminds me a lot of TPA Cranberry up top, a bit brighter and thinner. Doesn’t seem floral so much as just a bit bitter and medicinal. Definitely not full on cough syrup, but more along the lines of something like CAP Harvest Berry. I think I’m also getting a slightly darker berry somewhere in the mix, right between that sweet red candy body and tart cranberry top notes. Seems somewhere on the boysenberry-blackberry axis.

As far as realistic acai, I don’t think this really hits the profile? My experience with actual acai is just in weird juice blends, so I’m definitely not an expert. While it has some of the tartness of the applications of acai I’ve tasted, it doesn’t seem to have the dark cocoa edge of actual acai berries. The only other acai concentrate I’ve actually tried is FLV, and that definitely has a cocoa component to it.

Overall mouthfeel is moderately dense. That candied red flavor is fairly full and sweet, and sort of has a gummy candy vibe to it. Doesn’t seem particularly juicy, and those astringent and medicinal top notes seem to be drying this out a bit for me. Sweetness level is fairly high, although those more tart top notes kind of temper that a bit and keep it from going fully cloying.”


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