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I never heard of this brand before.

E-cigarette maker Puff Bar is facing a probe by North Carolina’s attorney general (

This part was interesting:

Puff Bar as a company has been mired in controversy. The company voluntarily halted its sales in July 2020 amidst criticism of its prevalent use among young people, and one week later the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned Puff Bars from the American market. By February, the company figured out how to end the FDA ban: It began producing bars using synthetic nicotine (what Beltran described as a “forced innovation”), which the agency has no power to regulate.

Most of the article was just annoying:

There are a number of health risks associated with vaping. Many of them involve one’s lungs: Vaping uses fluids that have an oily liquid base, and doctors worry that these could get deep into your respiratory tract and provoke an inflammatory response. Vitamin E, for instance, was once a popular agent in the e-liquid found inside e-cigarettes, but it has been found in the lungs of people who have suffered vaping damage. The e-liquids can also contain dangerous substances like formaldehyde, diacetyl and acrolein (which is most often used as a weed killer). While it is unclear if vaping can cause lung cancer (it hasn’t been around long enough to know for sure), its ability to get deep into your lung certainly suggests this could be the case. Vaping has also been linked to popcorn lung, lipoid pneumonia and collapsed lung.

When consumed by young people, Puff Bars can also lead to neurological damage. Being exposed to nicotine at such a young age could harm teenage brains as they are developing, as well as alter nerve cell functioning. Nicotine exposure also changes a young person’s brain chemistry in ways that make them more likely to become addicted not only to nicotine products, but to other substances.


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