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A13-045N2A PA-1650-80 A11-065N1A PA-1450-26 N15q8 N16p1 N15Q9 AC Adapter Charger for Acer-Chromebook CB3 CB5 11 13 14 15 R11 R13 C731 C738T CB3-532 CB3-431 CB3-131 CB3-111 Power Supply Cord


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safety protectionsafety protection



SKstyle is a professional manufacturer for Laptop Charger for more than 10 years and will keep growing, All of our products are put through rigorous quality control measures to ensure safe and reliable operation., that makes us always stand behind our products to provide customers safe stuffs and good experiences. SKstyle ‘s business idea is Based on advanced technologies, satisfactory services and constant efforts for improvement as well as our absolute integrity.

High-Quality Charger Compatible with Acer Chromebook Aspire Spin TravelMate Laptop Charger

The SKstyle laptop adapter is a versatile choice for a replacement laptop charger or backup option.It has a 10 Ft power cord which will make you to use the laptop more conveniently. And compatible with Acer Chromebook charger. SKstyle laptop chargers are optimized for energy efficiency and safety, Charge Fast, Live More.

Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Output: DC 19.5V 3.42A 65W

Connector size: 3.0 mm outer diameter / 1.1 mm inner diameter

3 Prong power cord included

Smart chip to prevent short circuiting, over-voltage, over-current and over-heating

Important Note:

Press [Ctrl+F] to find the laptop models.

The model list is not complete,if you can’t find your laptop model, please ASK a QUESTION.

Compatible with Laptop Models:

Acer Iconia Tab W700, W700P Tablet PC

W700-6454 W700-6465 W700-6495 W700-6499 W700-6607 W700-6680 W700-6691 W700-6831 W700P-6821

Acer Chromebook R 11 13 14 15

R 11 C720, C720P, C730E, C738T, C740, CB3, CB5:CB3-131 CB3-111-C4HT CB3-131-C3KD CB3-132 CB3-111-C670 CB3-111-C6EQ CB3-111-C8UB CB3-131-C3SZ CB3-131-C3VC CB5-132T-C1LK CB5-132T-C32M CB5-132T-C8ZW CB5-132T-C9KK C720-2103 C720-2420 C720-2800 C720-2802 C720-2827 C720-2844 C720-2848 C720-3404 C720-3605 C720-3871 C720P-2457 C720P-2600 C720P-2625 C720P-2661 C720P-2666 C720P-2834 C738T-C44Z C740-C3P1 C740-C4PE C730E C735 C730E-C4BA N16Q9 N19H2 N16Q2 N17Q4

Chromebook 13 Serises C810, CB5: C810-T7ZT C810-T9CA CB5-311-T1UU CB5-311-T677 CB5-311-T7NN CB5-311-T9B0 CB5-311-T9Y2 CB5-311P CB5-311P-T9AB

Chromebook 14 Serises CB3-431:CB3-431-C0AK CB3-431-C5EX CB3-431-C5FM CB3-431-C5XK CB3-431-C7M1 CB3-431-C3WS CB3-431-C7EX


Chromebook 15 Serises C910, CB3, CB5:C910-3916 C910-54M1 C910-C37P C910-C453 CB3-531-C4A5 CB3-532-C47C CB3-532-C8DF

CB5-571-C09S CB5-571-C1DZ CB5-571-C4G4 CB5-571-C4T3 CB5-571-C5XU CB5-571-C6DL CB5-571-C9DH CB5-571-362Q CB5-571-58HF

CB5-571-C7QN N15Q10 N15Q9, N15Q8, N16P1 N16P2

Chromebook 11 N7 Serises C731 C731T C731-C8VE CB311-7H CB311-7HT N16Q13 N15Q1

Acer Aspire P3-131 P3-171-6820 P3-131-4833 P3-131-4602;

Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11, 14: AO1-131, AO1-131M, AO1-431, AO1-431M: AO1-131-C620 AO1-131-C7DW AO1-131-C9PM AO1-131-C9RK AO1-431-C3TM AO1-431-C7F9 AO1-431-C8G8

Acer Aspire S5 S7 S5-371 S5-391 S7-191 S7-391 S7-392 S7-393: S5-371-52JR S5-391-6836 S7-391-6468 S7-391-6478 S7-391-6810 S7-391-6812

Acer Aspire R 14 13 R13 R5-471T, R7-371T, R7-372T R5-571TG R5-571T: R5-571T-59DC R5-571TG-78G6 R5-471T-51UN R5-471T-52EE R5-471T-71W2 R7-371T-50V5 R7-371T-50ZE R7-371T-59ZK R7-372T-77LE

Acer Aspire V 13 V13 V3-331, V3-371, V3-372 V3-372T: V3-331-P0QW V3-372T-5051

Spin 1 Serises SP111-31 SP111-31N SP111-32N SP111-33 SP113-31 N16W2 N18H1

Switch Alpha 12 Serises SA5-271 SA5-271P

Switch 3 5 Serises SW312-31 SW312-31P SF515-51T SF515-51T SF313-51 SF314-41 SF314-55 SF314-51 SF314-52 SF314-52G

Spin 3 5 Serises SP513-51 SP513-52N SP314-52 SP513-53N SP314-51

TravelMate Spin B1 Serises B118-R B118-RN TMB118-RN B118-G2-R B118-G2-RN,P2 P214-51 X313 TMX313-M-6824

Switch 11 12 11 V 12 S Serises SW5-171P SW5-171 SW5-111P SW5-111 SW5-173 SW5-173P SW5-271 SW5-271P SW7-272 SW7-272P

Compatible Part Numbers:

pa 1450-26, PA-1650-80, PA-1650-80AW, A11-065N1A, NP.ADT11.00F, A13-045N2A, PA-1450-26, AK.045AP.060,

AK.065AP.034, KP.06503.007, NP.ADT11.008, KP.06503.005, NP.ADT11.00B, NP.ADT11.00C, NP.ADT11.00Q, NU.MQNAA.001, NX.MPRAA.001, NX.MPRAA.004, NX.MPRAA.005, NX.MPRAA.007, NX.MPRAA.012, NX.MQNAA.001, NX.MQNAA.003, NX.SHEAA.001 ADP-65KB

Convenience & Safety

Convenience & Safety

Advanced Safety Features

Advanced Safety Features

Power cord

Power cord

Convenience & Safety

It can charge the laptop steadily during meetings, traveling, doing homework, and playing games.

It can charge quickly and stably at any time and keep your laptop full of energy.

Multiple intelligent protection, high temperature resistance.

Advanced Safety Features

With the intelligent chip inside,Featuring overcharging, overheating, overvoltage and short circuit protection,SKstyle Acer Chromebook laptop Charger keeps you and your devices safe.

Power cord

Pure Copper Cable

Antioxidant and Corrosion

High-Speed Transmission


Long Service Life

scenes to be usedscenes to be used






Charging Ports


USB-C/Type C



Compatible Models

Acer C720 CB3 N15q8 N15Q9 N16p1 Chromebook Charger A13-045N2A PA-1650-80 A11-065N1A PA-1450-26

Acer Spin 11 and Acer Chromebook 14 N16Q12 N17Q5 N18Q1 N15Q13 series Charger

Acer Aspire E15 ES1 E1 E5 ChromeBook series

Acer Nitro Gaming Laptop Charger

Input Volt Range: 110-240V / Output: 19V 3.42A 65W
Compatible with Acer Chromebook 11 C730 C730E C731 C731T C735 CB3-111 CB3-131; 13 C810 CB5-311 CB5-311P; 14 CB3-431; 15 CB3-531 CB3-532; R11 C738T CB5-132T
Replace for Acer Chromebook 11 13 14 15 R11 CB3 CB5-571 C720 C720p C740 Acer Aspire P3 P3-131 R14 R5-471T S7 S7-191 S7-391 S7-392 Iconia W700 Tablet AO1-131 AO1-431
Safety: CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over current protection. Made and Sold by professional factory directly
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Item will be ship from NY within 24HOURS and 4-7 busienss days from shipping to delivery. Warranty: 12 – Month Warranty; 30 days money return guarantee; 24 x 7 email support

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A13-045N2A PA-1650-80 A11-065N1A PA-1450-26 N15q8 N16p1 N15Q9 AC Adapter Charger for Acer-Chromebook CB3 CB5 11 13 14 15 R11 R13 C731 C738T CB3-532 CB3-431 CB3-131 CB3-111 Power Supply Cord


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